How to look after Indian Miniatures

February 2021
How to look after Indian Miniatures

Choosing an environment

Framed Indian paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid light from a south-facing aspect. If possible, it is advisable not to hang pictures directly against the interior of the outside wall of a building, as the comparatively low temperature can sometimes cause condensation inside the frame. Avoid hanging paintings over radiators or directing warm spotlights at them. It is best to keep works of art on paper in a cool, stable environment, with a low and stable relative humidity (less than 60%).


Handling paintings

When handling Indian paintings, one should touch the paper as little as possible. We mount all our Indian paintings in acid-free mount card.



When they are not on display, the best way to store paintings is in a custom-made Solander box. Ordinary plastic sleeves are not suitable for storing works of art on paper. We always place acid-free tissue between the mount and the painting which will further protect the work. If the paintings are stored in a Solander box, we still advise checking on them from time to time. The box should be kept flat at all times. Finally, when choosing a suitable storage area, bear in mind the need for a stable environment.


Mounting and framing

If the paintings are mounted and framed, UV filtering glass or acrylic is highly recommended to protect against the most damaging light. Make sure that there is a space between the painting and the glass, and that the frame is sealed with gummed paper tape. If the mount is changed, it is important that acid free card and paper hinges are used.